Why did we create this candy crush saga cheats?

When we were playing Candy Crush Saga, the game became really difficult after a fews levels. Instead of spending lots of money, we tried to create a cheat for it. After lots of hard work (with lots of coffee), the cheat was finally made and fully working. So we have released the cheat for the public because we thought that we coudn't be the only one who wanted a tool like this, BUT we didn't know that the cheat would be so popular! It's seriously fantastic and we are really proud that you can enjoy our cheat. Thank you, and hopefully it has helped you.

With the latest updates to our Candy Crush Saga Cheats, it is now amazing!

Latest software features (after update):

  • Allow you to generate as much as you want gold to get unlimited MOVES, LIVES and BOOSTERS.
  • A powerfull shield which stops the game from detecting our hack.
  • Auto-updates feature, which allows for easy installation of new updates (when available).
  • Our hacks can be used with anti-virus running as it does not use any sort of malicious code.
Candy Crush Cheats - Change Log

Version 0.01 (BETA): We created the first Candy Crush Saga Cheats, it was very buggy.

Version 1: First version after the BETA period had ended. We were very proud that we had achieved so much in such little time. All features were fully working.

Version 1.1: Candy Crush Saga servers started using a new form of encryption, which we finally managed to bypass.

Version 1.2: Some minor improvements on the stability of the GUI.

Version 1.3: Overhaul of the code, everything is now using multi-threading to allow for faster interaction.

Version 1.4: New user-inferface design, old one caused alot of bugs for users.

Version 1.5: BETA testing of new processing engine has begun, Hope that is goes well before public release.

Version 1.6: Minor performance and maintenance issues fixed.

Version 1.7: Stability improvements for those on the beta version.

Version 1.8: Minor performance improvements for all users. Also BETA users, secret new features introduced.

Version 1.9: Minor bugs in the BETA version fixed, before public launch of version 2.0!

Version 2: (CURRENT) Brand new engine, user-interface and much more performance enhancements! Public release of version 2.0 of the candy crush saga cheats!

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